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The Top Samsung Smartphone’s in 2018

If you are looking for a new phone in 2018, high-tech and innovative mobiles are available. Samsung has set the standard with their new phones that are available for promoting affordability, ultra-fast CPU processing speeds that never stop or lag on multitasking amazing high-definition displays. We researched the top Samsung Smartphones that you can buy. Samsung Galaxy S9 This phone is the most significant new release for Samsung’s lineup. It has a big 5.8 screen and quad HD+ resolution (2960 x 1440) display, 4GB of RAM, eight-core processor, 3000 mAh battery and expandable memory. The speakers of this phone can use surround sound for high-quality audio feedback. Colours come in coral blue, lilac purple and midnight black. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro galaxy-j7-pro The phone is very affordable and reliable showing fast CPU speeds and long-lasting battery life. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro has fantastic image quality and boasts with one of the most colour-accurate displays for current smartphones. This phone has fast mobile app use, and the front and back cameras are 13 MP, with autofocus and LED flash options. It has fast battery charges and 18 hours of video feedback. Colours range from gold, silver, black and pink. Samsung Galaxy G550T This phone is solidly built with adequate tech structure and is their best budget buy. It has 8Gb memory with a card slot expandable to 128GB. It can handle basic app usage and has good battery life. Samsung Galaxy S8 Although released in 2017 this phone still tops as one of the best buys in 2018. The phone has a lovely sleek curved glass screen. You will find three biometric lock categories that allow you to unlock the phone via, eye iris scanning, facial recognition and fingerprint sensor. It has dual audio for Bluetooth devices enabling you are streaming from two speakers at the same times. 4GB RAM data and an eight-core CPU processor is packed into this phone to ensure the fastest setups for smartphones. Colours range from orchid grey, coral blue, arctic silver and midnight black. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with the best, most prominent and most lovely screen displays on the market. If you like taking notes, this phone will not disappoint. It comes with an S Pen stylus perfect for the phone’s multiple applications taking notes and screenwriting. The phone gives you breakneck speeds when exploring the internet or using its apps. It is water and dust resistant. Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro If you love texting this phone might suit you well as it has been rated excellent for these purposes. It gives you unlimited talk, text and data for under $50 a month, has a vast screen display and standby mode lasts up to 22 days. Worth mention is the best flip phone, Verizon Samsung alias 2U750 and best for seniors is Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 2 where the display can be changed to provide more accessible experience. We have looked at the best Samsung phone choices for 2018 with each phone having exciting features that will please all types of users.

The Top Fitness Tech Trends in 2018

fitness trends
We live in a fitness conscious world. Many apps are available to show us the top fitness tech trends available on the market. In the wearable tech market companies like Apple with their apple watch made a considerable impact. A lot of exciting and phenomenal changes are happening in the industry with big players coming to the table with clothing as well. Under Armour is a company that is moving into the wearable space. The future for this clothing is as expected geared to give us less friction in usage while in the sector that showcase devices will make a more seamless user experience possible. We are moving on from the clunky devices with manual activation seeing an evolution in the tech industry directed towards fitness. If you want your heart rate tracking joined into fitness clothing with incredibly smarter sensors in mobile phones, this is a heads up as it is happening sooner than we thought possible. The fitness tech industry is starting to move into cloud-based technology and is finally catching up with this trend. Other devices are catching up with the online club as well. NEO Health is offering combined body fat scales and in-gym virtual trainer applications for testing, coaching and instruction. Online Workout Videos Offering digital coaching services is fantastic. You do not even need to meet the trainer. Thanks to cloud integration engaging with members and communication with them are getting more comfortable. The excellent benefit of digital coaching is that it is available at all hours of the day and night. Digital coaching is also a cheaper alternative to in-person coaching, as often-reduced rates are made possible by the coaches. Mounting tablets in your workout area is a new method to give instructions to the members. It means that they can safely work out at their own pace and still be safe. All these instructions and workout regimes can be logged to their smartphones making use of the QR codes. Combining video games with exercise is exciting it is called exergaming. Exergaming had gained popularity since 2007 when WiiFit mobilised their tech skills into burning calories and activity became fun. Video game fitness is a trend that is impressive in its growth into the mainstream. Virtual reality in fitness has become a visual experience for totally immersive exercises. Imagine training on your gym mat and having the same experience as swimming through the ocean floor. Certain apps will allow you to exercise to your favourite music through pure movement. Sound boxing will integrate your pump-up music and give you a great experience. Yoga classes and spinning courses became very popular with the live streaming of personal training sessions. 3D Body scanning is a new trend so that you can know your body composition. You will want to know your measurements and accurate percentages to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. More personalised workout and diet plans will be created using this informative tech. When you blend technology with training, you will get the most out of your exercise experience.

The Positive and Negative Effects of Caffeine on the Body

There are many benefits to consuming an adequate amount of caffeine daily. There are also various negative effects that get paired with this very popular beverage, which are mainly present in people whose bodies don’t respond well to caffeine, have high blood pressure, a heart condition or the most common, consume far too much caffeine daily. To the millions, if not billions, of coffee-lovers out there, who can stick to one or two cups a day? Is it even considered a possibility? Personally, overdosing on coffee for women keeps the cravings at bay and allows you to stay awake for longer, meaning you’re far more efficient for more hours during the day. That is until you experience the caffeine withdrawal, or perhaps even some version of feeling lethargic, which usually start occurring after the third cup. Why Do We Love Coffee? Coffee What a question… Coffee is like fuel. It’s the one beverage, apart from water or tea, that is good for you, minus the sugar of course. Caffeine is known to stimulate the brain, due to its effect of boosting energy levels in the body. It is also linked with preventing several diseases, hence its popularity. The Positive Effects of Caffeine on the Body When consumed in moderation, which means two to three cups a day, caffeine can do wonders for your body’s health. It can protect your body against diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, as well as reduce the symptoms thereof. Caffeine is also known to reduce the risk of an individual getting dementia or Alzheimer’s. It has been found to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s by 70%, which has people drinking more caffeine on the daily. Coffee is also known to reduce the risk of suicide, which is due to the positive stimulant caffeine offers to the brain. Coffee is known to boost one’s mood and quitting caffeine might even cause one to become depressed, due to not receiving the same stimulant to the brain. What’s more is, caffeine also reduces the risk of stroke and fights off certain cancers. These include oral cancers, as well as throat cancer. The Negative Effects of Caffeine on the Body Caffeine is a drug, which might sound quite unsettling, but it’s the truth. It is completely safe, when consumed in moderation, but can become dangerous to the body when consumed in large quantities.
  • Caffeine counteracts with certain medications, such as psychiatric medication, antibiotic Cipro, as well as thyroid medication.
  • Increased blood pressure, which can increase your heart rate and put strain on the body, as well as worsen type 2 diabetes.
  • Increased anxiety. Drinking a lot of caffeine can cause your sleeping patterns to be disrupted, make you restless, agitated and even result in insomnia.
  • Excessive amounts of caffeine can cause spinal bone loss and as a result, cause osteoporosis.