Public relations is a special area of business that describes the relationship between the organisation and the buying public. As a business grows, so does its perception in the public zeitgeist and once it gets to a certain size it becomes impossible to manage this perception without an organised public relations strategy.

Effectively, public relations is how you manage you company’s voice and how it’s heard by your audience. For example, when your business is criticised in the media for a labour dispute, this is a uniquely public relations issue.

However, dealing with public relations on your own can be incredibly difficult and you run the risk of doing more harm than good if you handle it clumsily. If your business operates around New South Wales, you might want to consider hiring one of the best PR agencies in Sydney to help your brand connect with its audience.

With that said, the public relations industry is just as diverse as any other and it’s entirely possible to waste time and money with an inferior consultancy. This is why you need to take the following information into account whenever you go shopping for a suitable PR agency in Sydney.


What kind of industries have they assisted with before?

Not all public relations practitioners will have the same experience or expertise – many will specialize in certain industries where a certain style of work is more suitable. Some industries will have a higher demand for public relations work than others.

For example, a childcare business would need to have great public relations in order to engender trust with parents. On the other hand, a sewage management firm might not have as urgent of a need for high quality public relations work.

When evaluating your choices for a PR agency in Sydney, make sure you go with a firm that has experience dealing with your type of industry. There’s no point paying for a firm that specializes in events and entertainment when your business sells ceiling fans.

Getting a firm that has a solid track record of working for organisations like your own will give you the best starting point. This will give you the most peace of mind as you know their approach has worked for other businesses like yours.


How do they evaluate success?

This is probably the most important consideration because of how many firms have misled businesses with metrics and analytics that don’t really affect their bottom line. You don’t want to hire a PR agency in Sydney that charges you money for how much of a meaningless statistic they can generate for you.

You need to be clear when speaking to the firm about what results you expect and how you want them reported to you. The best firms will give you a weekly or monthly report that explains in plain English how what they did for you is improving your profits, even if it’s indirect.


How do they work with your team?

A good PR agency in Sydney will also be able to work seamlessly with your team and correspond with you at an adequate frequency. Even if they have a good track record, you won’t accomplish much if they can’t gel with your team or if they don’t speak to you often enough about what they’re doing.

The firm that you engage needs to clearly establish the avenues of communication with your business and who everyone will report to. Make sure everyone is introduced to the relevant people so that there’s no confusion down the line while working with this PR agency in Sydney.