Woman enjoying her Tuscany tour packages

Italy is a wonderful place filled with the most scenic views, art galleries and beautiful spots to think of. Of these places is the city of Florence with an abundance of nature landscapes, landmarks and more. Being one of the countries 5th largest area, it is home to a variety of world heritage sites. For this reason alone, you can see why numerous tourists populate year after year to attend the spot. To help with this, Tuscany tour packages provide an easy and affordable solution for anyone looking to take a look at the best spots of the region. Here you’ll find the perfect time machine that’ll take you back to the Renaissance period in Rome. This is where they make their own wine, olive oil, and cuisine giving you an organic and real taste you cannot find in a carton or packet.

Let’s see what top sights these Tuscany tour packages have in store!

4 Great Things You’ll Find With Tuscany Tour Packages

1# Leaning Tower of Pisa

It’s on everyone’s bucket list. The leaning tower of Pisa you can find first on the list of Tuscany Tour Packages holds a historical landmark that dozens of tourists visit each and every year. It has one of the highest levels of buildings that was ever done in that time. Beginning construction in the 12th century this sight was one of the most ambitious buildings in Italy back then. Something notable about this sight in the Tuscany tour packages is that it has a slight tilt which people are known to take photos pretending they’re pushing the leaning tower of Pisa from afar.

2# Museo Galileo

Museo Galileo is a gallery dedicated to the art of science. Looking upon all the instruments and inventions built since the 11th century, it is a stunning sight to behold. From telescopes, watches, statues, and other earlier scientific apparatus. Including statues and historic sights in this part of the Tuscany tour packages, you can find a great place to take the children to learn all about the amazing contributions to the history of science Italy has held. You can find yourself taking not only the sights but the history of this wonderful country in your Tuscany tour packages.

3# Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery is art museum that is known for its work with some of the most popular artists across the world. Right in the centre of Florence, this is the art go-to in your line of Tuscany tour packages. Taking art right from the Italian Renaissance period, this had made it one of the initial modern museums to showcase the finest art pieces in the country. With it’s gorgeous architecture, crazy lineup of art pieces, and scenic location Uffizi Gallery should be ticked off in your Tuscany Tour packages list. One most notable artist of the Uffizi Gallery is Botticelli who was known for the Birth of Venus, Fortitude, and Primavera as some of his most notable work. Starting off from the 16th and 17th century this landmark has been prominent for many years and centuries to count making it a wonderful place to visit on your Tuscany tour packages.

4# The Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens is last on the list of Tuscany tour packages. It is a stunning garden which works to demonstrate the incredible statue artforms from Ancient times and during the Renaissance period. It has a nice open space, perfect for an outdoor visit and picnic. In addition to it’s garden it holds a variety of caves and fountain spots, creating a wonderful place to visit and bask in all its glory.