6 Qualities of Good Wedding Caterers Sydney

Many things come to play when planning a wedding. You are required to touch on every aspect that makes a wedding beautiful and memorable. The most important bit in a wedding, other than the vows and whatnots, is food. The attendees will need to replenish their energy after a day full of wedding activities and what better way to do so than providing them with a delicious catered meal?

Wedding planners experience so much pressure, particularly when it comes to catered food. The food is expected to be top-notch and from reliable wedding caterers. This means that you need to find the best caterers for the wedding to be more memorable. Read on as we tell you the qualities to look for in wedding caterers Sydney.

Qualities to look for when hiring wedding caterers Sydney

Good in Communication

Communication is key in many dealings around the world. Therefore, before you hire wedding caterers, first ensure that they are good communicators. This way, they can respond to all your inquiries in good time and layout all the information you need to know. The caterers should give the inquiries deserving attention also express what they need from you. In doing so, you can plan yourself accordingly to receive the best services. What’s more, the caterers should listen to your needs and preferences and ensure to deliver as expected.

Calm (slow to anger)

 As mentioned, planning a wedding can be stressful. You will be receiving pressure from all points to enable perfection. The wedding caterers Sydney should remain calm when working under pressure. For instance, as the D-day approaches, some changes may come up concerning the meals. This means that you are to communicate the changes to the caterers, and sometimes they might not like them. In this case, the wedding caterers are required to react calmly while embracing the changes. The changes might cause disruptions on the caterers’ side as they are last-minute. The ability to remain calm in this situation makes for the best caterers Sydney.

Offer Comprehensive Price Points

Wedding caterers Sydney

You can easily dismiss a wedding caterer once you feel their pricing is too high. Knowing this, good wedding caterers Sydney should be able to offer a wide range of food options and the pricing to enable you to make a budget-friendly decision. The caterers should provide you with a list of what they offer, which allows you to decide based on your budget.

Provide details on the meals

Trusting that wedding caterers Sydney will do a good job, you first need to test what they offer. Since you have the guest list, you might know what the guests prefer. So, the caterers should provide food or cake sampling sessions to evaluate their deliciousness. You can use that opportunity to request for addition or removal of certain ingredients and make the meal to your liking. This can help avoid mishaps such as adverse allergic reactions to certain ingredients.


For wedding caterers Sydney to be the best, they should portray a high level of professionalism in the field. From how they deal with you to their food preparation and staff. The food should be prepared by experienced chefs and served with the utmost professionalism from the catering crew. The caterers should hire skilled staff in every department (food serving and bartending) to ensure smooth operation.

Clear on Payment Terms

The best wedding caterers Sydney will be clear on their payment terms before agreeing to do business with you. These terms will determine how you plan to avoid the last-minute rush. They will send updated invoices in time so that you can plan yourself accordingly. For instance, some caterers have the 60|40 rule that requires you to pay a 60% down payment and the remaining 40 on delivery.


Getting the best wedding caterers Sydney is not easy. That is why you have to narrow down a long list of candidates by evaluating their qualities. The above-mentioned qualities should be a good place to start.