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Who is to really know who is the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne?

This is a fluid industry where legal outcomes are uncertain from one case to the next.

The picture becomes more complicated when there are rulings that don’t offer definitive outcomes like guilty or not guilty, instead finishing with an early plea or bargain deal that minimises the risk for the client.

To delve into the detail and receive all of the relevant information up front, it is worthwhile asking a solicitor 6 key questions during a private consultation.

1) “Are You The Best Representative For My Case?”

The best criminal lawyer in Melbourne will be the representative who has expertise and experience within a unique niche of the industry. The first element will involve the defense and the prosecution, helping those who have been charged or the plaintiff who is issuing the charges. The subject of criminal law is overarching, venturing into a specific territory that manages certain types of case profiles. This will feature financial and banking crime to fraud, sexual assault, battery, murder, arson, kidnapping, drug possession, money laundering, cybercrime, burglary, rape, sex trafficking and forgery amongst other examples.

2) “What Do I Need To Be Concerned About?”

It is essential to ask the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne about the potential legal jeopardy that the individual could face over the span of the case. From jail time to financial penalties or community service rulings, it is worthwhile finding out the stakes involved in this matter early in the piece rather than being kept in the dark and ignoring the risks involved.

3) “What Is Expected of Me During The Case?”

Although the use of the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne will help to maneuver through the complications and oversee the process, there are duties that will be expected of the client. Defendants and plaintiffs are expected to dress in a formal fashion and address the judge in an appropriate manner befitting of the environment within the justice system. Then there will be the paperwork and documentation component, ensuring that the individual understands what they need to sign and the purpose of the signing.

4) “How Long Will The Case Take?”

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It will almost be impossible for a Melbourne solicitor in this field to outline specifically how long the case will take from start to finish. Yet they will have experience regarding the expected timetable depending on the type of action that is taken by the defence or prosecution. Early pleas will expedite the matter while a strong defence during a hearing could quash any criminal charges. By having an idea for expected times, the client will enjoy more clarity.

5) “How Much Do You Charge Your Clients?”

The price of doing business with the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne is the elephant in the room. Fortunately, there are representatives for defendants and plaintiffs who are flexible with their pricing schemes, offering versatility for community members that face serious financial pressure. From a flat rate to a price dependent on the legal outcome, it is beneficial to ask what type of policies are available for representation.

6) “Will We Remain In Contact After The Outcome?”

Local participants should ask the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne whether or not they are in a position to represent their interests and counsel them beyond the outcome. Regardless of the guilty, not guilty verdict or no contest verdict, there will likely be some provisions and considerations for all parties once a decision has been made.

In the event that the supposed ‘best criminal lawyer in Melbourne’ is not forthcoming with answers to these questions, that will be indicative of a professional who is not prepared for the role and not interested in being transparent. The top professionals will be more than happy to answer questions and keep the lines of communication open for their constituents.