will and testament

If you’re battling through the death of a loved one, family member or friend, it can be hard to move on. Death is rarely simple and straightforward, and after someone’s life has ended, there are generally so many things that need to be completed and rectified. While it can be a very traumatic time, it is important to move forward and tie up all the legal loose ends. This is where reliable will dispute lawyers come into the equation. Indeed, these solicitors are well-equipped in handling a variety of cases relating to a person’s final financial statements and how their estate is to be shared amongst their benefactors. If this resonates with you, keep reading on.


You’ve been left out

How someone decides to leave their assets following their death is obviously their choice. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room to consider other options or even argue the person’s final testament. If you believed you have been unfairly left out, then make sure you get in contact with will dispute lawyers to discuss your case and perspective.

Unfortunately, these things can happen. Your relationship with the deceased may have broken down shortly before their death, leaving you little to no time to make amends and reconcile. However, a rash moment of anger and frustration shouldn’t leave you financially incapacitated. If you aided the deceased or had a very close relationship with the person for a significant period, you are likely entitled to some of their estate. There are plenty of high-profile cases, handled by many efficient will dispute lawyers, that would support this claim.


You believe their final wishes were manipulated

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It’s an incredibly sad fact but a lot of people who are ill on their death bed are often manipulated into changing their final legally binding wishes. This is because the person is obviously under some duress and is often not in a functioning state to be able to argue or critique any of the proposed changes.

As a result, if you believe that you were written out of someone’s estate or assets because the deceased was manipulated into changing their mind, you have grounds to sue or contest the decision. The person may have been manipulated by one of the estate’s beneficiaries or someone close to them. Either way, it’s important to act. Make sure you get in touch with a team of reliable will dispute lawyers as soon as possible, so you can start assembling a strong case.


The person’s final wishes were unclear

There are grounds to contest a person’s final statements if they were unclear and somewhat ambiguous. Some people never have their estate sorted with will dispute lawyers, which can naturally complicate matters when the person passes away. If the deceased’s final wishes were in anyway complicated, unclear or dubious, will dispute lawyers will likely be required to sort through the arrangements.


You were dependent on the person who died

It’s important to realise that a person’s estate is meant to be dispersed and shared amongst the beneficiaries as equally as possible. However, if you are financially dependent on the person who died (i.e. they supplemented your living expenses), then you have a claim to some of their estate and assets. If you have been completely left out of their estate, make sure you seek advice from legal counsel as soon as possible. You may have been the person’s de facto partner or a child from a de facto relationship. Regardless of your connection to the person, if there was a connection and it can be judged as a close and personal relationship, you have grounds to contest with a team of will dispute lawyers.