eyebrow tattooing in Sydney

Considering eyebrow tattooing Sydney? This cosmetic procedure can be highly beneficial to those who do their brows often but a lot of people shy away from the service because of the name. The good news is that eyebrow tattooing in Sydney is nothing to be afraid of and can provide a whole host of perks. Like those highlighted in this article:

Virtually Painless 

Unlike other types of body art that the process shares a name with, eyebrow tattooing Sydney hurt less than other types of tattoos. Although you’re obviously going to be able to feel that the process is being completed, you should only experience discomfort if anything, not a significant amount of pain.

Always On Fleek

Another benefit of eyebrow tattooing Sydney is that once complete, you won’t have to worry about how your brows look for the duration of the treatment’s lifespan. This is because getting eyebrow tattooing Sydney ensures that your brows are always on fleek for the eighteen to twenty four months that your new look will generally last. 

Long Lasting

As noted above, eyebrow tattooing Sydney can last for up to two years when cared for properly. That’s a long time to not have to worry about your brows for and means you’ll save plenty of time and money over the lifespan of your treatment.

No Need To Do Your Brows In The Morning

Speaking of saving time and money, have a think about how much time you would save each morning if you didn’t have to carefully shape and fill your brows? Not to mention all the products you’ll be able to skip using. Time is our most important resource and it’s also one of the few that we cannot refill, so whether you’d rather sleep in a little longer or spend some extra time sipping on your coffee, eyebrow tattooing Sydney can be quite helpful for your morning routine. 

Plenty Of Options 

eyebrow tattooing in Sydney

You’ll also have plenty of options to choose from when getting eyebrow tattooing Sydney as your beauty therapist will understand that this is most definitely not a one size fits all treatment. This means you’ll be in full control of your shape, colour and fullness so you can create your dream brows. This will generally be worked out via an initial consultation with the actual procedure being performed later so you should always account for this when making your plans. If you would like to have your brows done immediately after your initial consultation, we strongly suggest making your beauty therapist aware of this at the time of booking.

Super Easy To Heal

Finally, as long as you care for them properly, eyebrow tattooing Sydney is actually super easy to heal. Simply follow the aftercare directions that your beauty therapist will provide at the time of your treatment and you should be completely healed in just over a week. That’s an incredibly short amount of time when you consider the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy up to two years of benefits so it’s certainly worth the effort. It is important to note that your colour will fade slightly during the healing process and may take up to eight weeks to settle at its true colour. This is nothing to be worried about as your beauty therapist would have accounted for this during application. This also means that you should not be alarmed if your brows seem darker than desired at first as this is simply to compensate for the fading that will occur.

So, now that you know the benefits that eyebrow tattooing Sydney can provide for your beauty regime and morning routine, all that’s left to do is select your preferred beauty therapist and book your appointment – enjoy!