family court appointment in Sydney

A family court appointment in Sydney will be necessary for clients who find themselves in a very particular situation. Whether it is the breakup of a de-facto relationship or a marriage, there will be issues surrounding alimony payments, child custody, visitation rights, financial accounts, property ownership, business interests and more that need to be settled. 

Unless the two parties can come together to find an agreement out of court, they will need to argue their case in this environment. We will outline some sage advice for those that have a hearing date locked on the schedule.  

Arrive With Documentation & Evidence to Hand 

If there is one area where clients can quickly fall into a panicked state with a family court appointment in Sydney, it will be the lack of planning and awareness around documentation and the handling of sensitive evidence. This will include the Affidavit, written submissions, reports, statements and other components that help to support a legal stance. Even if there is a degree of doubt and ambiguity around what should be introduced, it pays to have all details to hand just in case they are requested. 

Be On-Time 

Punctuality is the order of the day when it comes to a family court appointment in Sydney. For starters, there will be a number of hearings that are presented for the court on the day, so there will often be a waiting time needed. However, should constituents leave their journey until the last moment before a traffic jam occurs or something that interferes with the time management demands, that will reflect poorly on the client and leave them in a worse position if they fail to meet the correct scheduling? 

Appropriate Dress Sense 

Sydney community members who are due to arrive for a family court hearing should not be expected to have deluxe suits and prestigious dresses if they cannot afford it. However, a suit and tie or formal dress is expected in this setting. It demonstrates a respect for the environment, for the legal process and helps with self-image demands that will be placed on people, whether through conscious or subconscious bias. 

Consulting & Communicating With Legal Counsel  

Thankfully a spouse does not have to attend a family court appointment in Sydney alone. They can choose to hire a representative of their own accord or have a court-appointed operator assigned to them. Whatever the case may be, it is beneficial to have an experienced, skilled and well-resourced practitioner in their corner to navigate some of the more complex processes. 

Respect Third Parties & Experts 

When it comes to the domain of a family court appointment in Sydney, it won’t just be a judge and each spouse who will be involved in the process. In many situations, there are independent assessors and councillors who are examining the family dynamic and offering their recommendations based on evidence. Rather than dismissing their involvement and refusing to take part, it is imperative that men and women understand their role and answer their questions as requested. 

Remaining Calm & Composed Under Pressure 

No one expects people to engage with a family court appointment in Sydney and find the process easy. In many instances, emotions will be running high, whether the outcome is positive or negative. This is where composure plays a key role. It is not acceptable to have wild emotional outbursts or to showcase disrespectful or aggressive behaviours in these settings. The client will only be doing themselves a disservice where rulings can be imposed and penalties handed down. 

Hopefully constituents who are assigned to a family court appointment in Sydney only have a very brief and limited experience in this environment. However, given the length of some situations, there may be more than one visit necessary. Adhere to these principles to ensure that no behaviours or lack of oversight impact the final ruling.