Divorce lawyers in Parramatta helping a couple on their separation

Local members who are approaching divorce lawyers in Parramatta will want to see that their representative has their interests at heart.

In the aftermath of a relationship breakdown, there can be a lot of pieces to pic

k up again, whether it involves child custody, property entitlements, financial assets, business interests and beyond.

During that first consultation, men and women will want to ensure that they cover all of the essential territory.

We will outline what will be included in this discussion as constituents attempt to make the best of a bad situation.

Past Events

The first talking point that will be in play with trusted divorce lawyers in Parramatta is opening up a dialogue and reflecting on the events that have led up to this point in time. They will want to know how long the relationship lasted, if there are children involved, if there are separate and shared assets, if there were instances of abuse, if the pair are still on talking terms and if there is any signing of documentation that will help or hurt matters. Once they have a bigger picture perspective, then they can begin to plan accordingly.

Desired Outcomes

If there is one component that divorce lawyers in Parramatta will look to cover during these initial talks, it will be the desires of their client as they outline where their end target is and what they require moving forward. Do they want to have sole or shared child custody? Do they want the house? How much money do they want and believe they are entitled to? Do they want this case to be expedited or for every detail to be precisely accounted for?

Legal Avenues & Options

Before participants even walk through the door with divorce lawyers in Parramatta, there will be a desire to avoid the courtroom as much as possible. Unless there are circumstances that dictate otherwise, this is an environment where control is handed to a judge as they look over the case and reach an independent ruling. Among the options that will be explored during this time, it will be sessions with dispute resolution experts and mediators that will be sought after. Every avenue will be on the table in these cases.

Financial Cost of Representation

Lawyer and client meeting

Although there are some rare instances where divorce lawyers in Parramatta will work pro bono for their client, these examples are few and far between. For the sake of hiring their services, they will require either a flat fee or ongoing fee depending on their policy. The subject will be broached during these talks, helping to determine if their firm is affordable or if there are alternative measures that can be sought to ensure that they have legal aid during these times.

Methods to Reduce Legal Liability

A common theme that divorce lawyers in Parramatta will look at in these situations is finding ways to reduce legal liability for their client. Whether it is abuse, fraud, mismanagement, neglect or other drawbacks that a judge will look down on or an opposing counsel will use for leverage, they need to ensure they have all of the facts at their disposal.

Planning For The Future

Specialists in Parramatta recognise the need to look beyond the coming days and weeks as citizens try to build a future for themselves and their family. If they have these targets in mind, that will help them to work through these resolutions and to find unique avenues that might not have presented themselves beforehand.

Simply sitting down with divorce lawyers in Parramatta is enough to start the planning procedure. It will require a number of consultations before a coherent strategy is implemented, but receiving counsel from these specialists is important for citizens that want to protect the interests of their family and themselves.