From speeding fines to police pursuit charges, traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta have seen it all. And with over 20% of drivers receiving a speeding fine each year, getting into legal trouble over driving is pretty common.

If you believe that you have been accused of a crime you did not commit, or think you have been given too harsh a penalty, you can contest your charge in court.

However, going straight to court without a solicitor can be risky. Most people are unaware of all the technical requirements and procedures that must be met in order to win a case – and if you lose your case, you could be ordered to pay additional court fees.


What traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta can do for you

If you have been charged with a driving violation, you may benefit from the following legal services:

Legal advice

Sometimes fighting a charge in court may not be worth it (it could end up wasting your money). A solicitor is well-versed in the legal rules and is equipped to expertly analyse your situation and let you know the pros and cons of the different actions you could take. They will allow you to make your own decision. This is a good first step as it typically only requires a brief visit or phone call. Make sure you determine the fee before you do this.


Traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta can use their expertise to help you make a negotiation with your prosecutor (usually the police or road authority). This could help you reduce the severity of your punishment, whether it is a jail sentence, fine or good behaviour bond.

Representation in court

Ensuring a strong defence is presented in court is crucial for improving the likelihood of a successful case. Getting a solicitor to represent you is a great way to do this, as they are typically more experienced at confidently delivering a defence at a hearing. They are generally more organised, articulate and specific than inexperienced defendants, and as a result are more likely to win a case.


trafficThings to consider before hiring traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta

Despite the benefits of working with a solicitor, it is important to be aware of the potential risks involved in doing so. Hefty fees are one of the biggest things to be wary of when hiring a legal professional.

Don’t rush into a decision

After being charged, it is unlikely that you will have to take immediate action. You have at least a week to decide what you are going to do, so take the time to become familiar with the charge, chat with family and sleep on it. Hiring a solicitor straight away is not always the best idea – you could be slammed with unnecessary fees.

Understand your charges

Take the time to read and understand what you have been charged with and why. This will help clear things up in your mind and help you better explain the situation to traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta.

Hire someone with experience in your field

When facing something like a drink driving charge, it goes without saying that you should hire a solicitor who specialises in dealing with vehicles rather than family matters. It is also better to work with a solicitor with several years of experience than with someone fresh out of graduate school.

Hire a local

Working with local traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta is ideal as it means they are better able to understand the idiosyncrasies of the court you will be dealing with.