australian opal jewellery

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, and are you considering buying Australian opal jewellery? Then you have made the right choice. We will help you buy the right ones while avoiding all the fakes.

Whether it’s a ring, necklace, or a simple pair of earrings, the Australian opal jewellery is one of the rarest pieces to buy across the globe. And these pieces cost a lot less than diamonds. Australia is known to be the primary producer of these items.

The Australian opal jewellery comes in many types but is classified into three main types based on colours; black, white, and boulder opals. These items are produced in Australia and are the rarest type you can buy in the market.

These precious pieces are very affordable and quite vast in the market, so it’s only normal to be confused when making your pick. This article will discuss some factors you should know before making a purchase.

  • Man-made Prototypes.

These items are faced with the problem of counterfeits, and you might fall into one of those if you aren’t careful. One of the best ways to quickly identify fake Australian opal jewellery is the lack of flaws.

While mining these precious stones from their natural minerals, they are in flawed states. These states include patched lines along their patterns or small crack lines on the surface. 

So if you are buying and notice a piece without any flaw, it’s safe to assume that you are holding a fake stone. The artificial prototype might look attractive and be cheaper, but please be sure that you pick only natural pieces because prototypes have no value in the gem market. 

  • Carat Weight And Type.

Unlike other precious pieces like gold and diamond, the Australian opal jewellery is not only valued by the weight of the stone. These pieces come in different types, and the type you purchase greatly determines the price. 

For instance, 0.6 carat of black opal is more expensive than 0.3 carat of the same black piece. But 0.6 carat of the boulder is not as valued as 0.4 carat of the black type due to the latter’s rarity. Other factors like brightness, color tone, and patterns also affect the value of Australian opal jewellery.

  • Your Taste.

These precious stones come in different colours, and many have reflective abilities displaying two – four colours simultaneously. If you are buying a friend or relative, your pick should be based on what they would prefer. You might not have spent much money if you know what colour and pattern they love the most.

The Australian opal jewellery comes in different patterns that distinguish one from the other. And these patterns determine which colour your piece reflects when directed to a light path. The harlequin and Chinese writing patterns give out bright red colors, increasing their value.


The Australian opal jewellery is an exciting and valuable item that would bring smiles to a loved one when presented as a gift. There are no government policies against counterfeits and prototypes, so ensure you deal with a trustworthy supplier when trying to buy. We hope you found this helpful. We wish you the best.