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In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the financial risks you should try to avoid, as well as the ways in which a tax accountant in North Sydney can help you manage them.

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or lead an established business, financial risk management is crucial to taking care of your business. Some of the common financial mistakes to avoid include:

  • Hiring employees without having the funds to afford them
  • Borrowing money in the form of a business loan when you don’t really need it
  • Under-pricing your products or services at the beginning in order to stand-out (you’ll eventually need to raise your prices, which can turn off your loyal clients)
  • Depending on only one source of revenue.

A tax accountant in North Sydney will help minimize your business’ financial risk by assessing, testing and reviewing your current financial state in order to generate strategies to defend your assets and promote financial growth. Some of the services they offer to achieve this include:


Internal control review

A tax accountant in North Sydney can assess and monitor your business’ internal controls in order to evaluate their strength and offer ways in which they can be improved. Internal controls (aka financial operating systems) include components such as systems, software and payroll. They can also offer you recommendations for improved reporting and suggest options to improve your software if needed. This procedure can help maintain the quality of your internal controls and aid in financial risk management.

Insurance reviews

Business insurance can be a strong and cost-effective means of defending your assets and your team against unexpected circumstances. A tax accountant in North Sydney can assess your current insurance policy and determine how effective your current amount and kind of cover is. They may be able to suggest ways to improve it and/or refer you to an insurance specialist if needed.

Asset protection

As the name suggests, asset protection involves using strategies to protect your wealth from creditors. A tax accountant in North Sydney can conduct a financial review on your business and advise you on techniques you can use to defend your assets. This review will typically identify your business’ risks and assets and advise you on how to separate them.

Cloud solutions

Cloud software can provide your business with cost-effective, adaptable and easy-to-access financial solutions which can boost your monitoring and reporting abilities. A tax accountant in North Sydney can help you establish the most suitable program for your business and assist with bookkeeping requirements.

Cash flow analysis

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A cash flow analysis examines a business’ monetary inflows and outflows within a set period. It considers the starting balance and creates an ending balance for use in financial reporting. A tax accountant in North Sydney can advise you on the ideal means of funding property, equipment and other capital purchases so that you can meet the repayments.

Superannuation structuring

Your business’ superannuation can help you to grow a large amount of wealth for retirement in a reduced-tariff zone. A tax accountant in North Sydney can review your superannuation and your needs. They can suggest opportunities for maximising your superannuation strategies, ways to boost your contributions and ways to defend your wealth. They are also able to refer you to a financial planner that best suits your needs.



Ensure that you take care of your business by hiring a tax accountant in North Sydney to help you manage your finances. Stay savvy and avoid some of the common financial mistakes in order to maintain your wealth.