Willoughby emergency dentists checking a patient's teeth

Not sure if it’s time to visit a Willoughby emergency dentist? It’s hard to be sure when something is urgent when it comes to dental issues and what is just a relatively minor problem or something that can be looked after at your regular check-ups. Many people are reluctant to visit their Willoughby emergency dentist for fear of the cost, or simply don’t know when to go. So how do you tell what constitutes an urgent issue and what is non-serious? Here are a few of the most common red flags when it comes to your oral health, and the best indicators that it’s time to visit a Willoughby emergency dentist.

You have loose teeth

It’s not normal for your teeth to be loose, in fact it’s an indicator of a serious issue with your gums if you are old enough to have all your adult teeth. If it’s come to your attention that your teeth are feeling loose and are wiggling around, or even falling out then it’s a clear sign that something is wrong and you need to get to your Willoughby emergency dentist as quickly as possible. Adult teeth should be properly fixed in place and shouldn’t shift around on their own. If it feels like your teeth are wiggly then it could be an indicator that you have experienced a tooth injury or that your gums are receding. Loose or missing teeth can cause serious issues so it’s important to visit a dental practitioner as quickly as you can. Tooth injury can cause jaw issues and other serious problems so it’s essential to get checked out. Receding gums and oral infections can also be a big issue and can cause pain and other issues. Infections can also be a serious health hazard and can be an early sign of gum disease and oral cancer. Your Willoughby emergency dentist will look at your teeth and run an x-ray to check out your tooth and gum health and should be able to help you resolve any health issues.

You’re experiencing pain

Your mouth shouldn’t hurt. If you’re experiencing tooth aches, jaw pain or any other pain issues then you should visit your Willoughby emergency dentist which can help you to manage pain and identify what is causing you issues. Pain can often be an indicator of more serious issues so it’s important to check in with your dental practitioner.

Your gums hurt

Bleeding or painful and inflamed gums are a sign that there is a problem. Healthy gums should not bleed. Bleeding or sore gums is often an early sign of gingivitis or gum disease. Issues can usually be reversed of managed with early interventions and the right care but more advanced issues will need more intervention. If you’re noticing problems with your gums then it’s essential that you speak to your Willoughby emergency dentist as quickly as possible to head off any more serious (and more expensive) issues.

Your tooth is abscessed

If you have an abscess on your tooth it can be very painful. You’ll certainly know about it if there’s an abscess issue happening. This issue usually means you’ll need a root canal and is definitely something you need to speak to your Willoughby emergency dentist about.

Mouth ulcers that won’t go away

Almost everyone will experience a mouth ulcer at some point in their life. They can come from mild mouth traumas and will usually heal up and go away on their own but if they’re not healing, you need to see your dental practitioner.