Lawyer holding a gavel

Nobody ever sets out to get divorced, but sometimes life gets in the way and looking for a divorce lawyer is a decision that is best made sooner rather than later once you know it is for the right reasons.

Sydney is Australia’s most populated city, so the law of averages will dictate that it also has the highest number of divorces. And the only thing faster than the pace of modern life in Sydney is the speed at which lawyers will talk who just want to take your money and don’t care about your outcome or family values.

If there is one thing scarier than making the step to engage with the best divorce lawyers in Sydney, it is the fees and charges you could possibly be left with at the end of your case, especially if they aren’t up to the task of obtaining you the outcomes that you desire.

Here are five great tips to consider if you are looking to engage a divorce lawyer in Sydney.

1. Experience

The legal system is a minefield at the best of times, let alone trying to wade through the family law courts.

Divorces not only involve a large amount of assets and equity to be mused over by a magistrate but generally have even greater amounts of emotional attachment and human welfare to be considered.

That is why it is essential to engage a lawyer who is not only experienced in his or her profession but is experienced with handling divorces and is familiar with the operational procedures and the intense environment of the Family Law court in Sydney, New South Wales.

2. Local Knowledge

Divorce lawyer in Sydney helping a couple on their separation

Australia is a diverse country and comes under a diverse range of state and territory jurisdictions, all with their own different and unique local rules and systems of law.

If you are looking to engage a lawyer, particularly a divorce lawyer in the Sydney metro area, it is essential that they are familiar with the law as it applies to New South Wales, Australia.

Whilst magistrates aim to consider each case on its merits, having a good knowledge of the differing personalities of the various heads presiding over the Family Law court in Sydney, New South Wales, will unquestionably work in your favour as you seek to obtain a manageable and positive outcome during what is without no doubt a difficult time for all parties.

3. Price

For many people looking to engage a divorce lawyer in Syndey, New South Wales, cost may well be the number one consideration. And although cheap is always good, it may not always necessarily be the right way to go.

Be sure to discuss your fees, charges, commissions or whatever other costs are likely to be involved before you engage a divorce lawyer and be sure to check that they are transparent and have simple and concise documentation explaining all of the above mentioned.

If a contract reads like it seems to have a hidden agenda, then chances are it probably does.

Divorce proceedings are an emotionally and financially straining time on all parties involved. The last thing you need is a battle over fees and charges with your divorce lawyer after your case has finally been settled and you are looking to move forward with your new life.

4. Reputation

Family values can fall apart under the pressure of marriage, homeownership or even a de-facto relationship, but there seldom is better advice than that of a trusted friend.

In a big city like Sydney, New South Wales, divorces are far from uncommon. And in all likelihood, you are either related to, or have a close friend who has been through something similar.

Don’t be afraid to have the discussion with them. We all have problems and go through our times of trouble. And if you can’t lean on family and friends in these moments, then who can you lean on?

5. Don’t be intimidated to take the plunge

Making the step to engage a divorce lawyer can seem daunting, but by relying on the advice of people you know who have been through the same, as well as doing your research on divorce lawyers, it becomes a far less daunting proposal than the consequences you face if you delay the process.

There isn’t one of us that hasn’t made a wrong decision at some point in their life, but it is how we deal with those mistakes that defines our true character.

The longer you delay in engaging a divorce lawyer is the longer you have to wait for setting about your new life.