Seven Key Features Your Site Needs - Web Design Wagga Wagga

Selecting an agency to deal with your web design wagga wagga? Here’s seven key features your agency simply must include on your site:

Responsive Sections

The most important thing that your site needs going into 2022 is a responsive set up. If the agency that you’re considering hiring to handle your web design wagga wagga cannot provide this type of flexibility, it’s time to find someone else. The majority of traffic on the internet these days comes from mobile devices so it is absolutely vital that your site presents well no matter what it is viewed on.

Strong Calls To Action

The next thing you need to ask the agency you’re considering hiring to handle your web design wagga wagga is how they plan to make your calls to action stand out. A beautiful site is great, but if viewers can’t understand where to go next, they’re not going to convert.


Web design Wagga Wagga

Your site is the online presence of your business so it’s important that your personality is showcased. Ask the agency that will be handling your web design wagga wagga how they intend on doing this and spend as much time as you need to getting things right. If people don’t like your site, they’re not even going to consider purchasing from or doing business with you so you could miss a significant section of your target market if the people creating your web design wagga wagga don’t have a clear picture of how you want to be portrayed.

Schema MarkUp

When you google something such as a recipe or guide and an excerpt from a site comes up showcasing ingredients or steps, that’s thanks to the schema markup of the page the information is stored on. This is a great way to get more exposure for your business and can really give you an edge in your industry so it’s important that the agency who deals with your web design wagga wagga is willing and able to create a proper schema markup for your site.

Search bars are particularly vital for online shops, but any site that contains a significant amount of information also needs to have one. Even if your site is currently small, we suggest having the people in charge of your web design wagga wagga add a search bar to allow for future expansion of products or content.

Live Chat

If you sell something that your audience may want further information on before making their purchase, a live chat feature is crucial to the success of your business. Unless every product or service that you sell is suitable for literally everyone, we strongly suggest having agents available during business hours at the very least, however, your live chat will ideally be functional 24/7 for best results. Ask the agency that you’re considering for your web design wagga wagga whether they can add this feature as well as a contact box in the same area that collects customer information if you’re not going to be able to answer questions at all hours.

Business Information

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that whoever handles your web design wagga wagga creates a space where your business information can be clearly displayed. In many areas this is required for compliance with the law, but it also boosts customer confidence and trust as they feel as if they can easily contact and find you, you must be a reputable company.

If the agency you’re considering for your web design wagga wagga can provide these seven features, you can safely move ahead with the project, if they cannot, however, it might be time to look elsewhere.