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Now that the date has been set and you have informed your close loved ones about the news, you are on the lookout for online wedding invitations as a couple!

This is an exciting time as you announce to the soon-to-be guests that they should set aside this date in their diary.

But like anything that is involved with a project of this nature, there will be brands that give value for money and others that overlook necessary details and inflate their fee.

It is important in this situation to think smart, picking a provider that will meet your needs and fit into your budget.

Let us outline how you can achieve the right style of invitations that match your requirements.


Think Ahead of Time

The common consensus with handing out these items is that you give the recipients plenty of notice before the big event, leaving a minimum of 6 months in preparation and even offering up a complete 12-month period. To give yourself that amount of space to source online wedding invitations, it is helpful to have a handful of creative ideas already at hand. If you have received copies before that were enticing and aesthetically pleasing, then make note of that provider and how they designed the product. Run a search on brands in the industry on your phone and desktop to gauge market values and creative designs. The more you consider your preferences as a couple, the easier this project will be from start to finish.


Leave Room For Additional Details and Changes

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Flexibility is the order of the day when looking for online wedding invitations. Between the time that you send out invites to friends, family members and colleagues, you could very well find that details have to change at the last minute or that the order number is either below or above what you were originally calculating. To ensure that you are not paying for a product that will become obsolete for usefulness in the ensuing days and weeks, leave room for areas like the names, addresses and details listed on the envelope. The more flexibility and scope you have to make alterations, the less stress there will be when a last minute invite change takes place.


Don’t Feel Boxed In By Convention

The very fact that you are sourcing online wedding invitations already bucks a trend and modernizes a practice that has been offline for generations. From standard card shapes (11.43cm x 15.88cm) to standard colours, greetings and phrasing within the design, this is a product that should be viewed as a clean slate. Of course you should emphasize the essentials to highlight the date, time and location, but this is where you can showcase your personality and preferences as a couple. Don’t be limited by conventions and outside perceptions with online wedding invitations.


Keep Budget in Mind

The reality is there will be outlets in the online wedding invitations industry that attempt to add on luxury extras as part of a package to inflate a deal. As a couple who are about to embark upon a number of costly activities, there will be brands that attempt to leverage this demographic as the soon to be married pair will usually be liquid with funds to make their purchase.

Find brands that provide these items in bulked and packaged deals where the card texture, ink and artistic styling is affordable for the dozens or hundreds of guests you will be expecting in attendance. Speak as a couple about how much you wish to spend in this domain because this will be a moment that leads into the wedding itself and likely to be send in the wake of an engagement party.