If you have committed a crime, it doesn’t matter how serious or minor the charge may seem; what is crucial is that you treat the charge with respect. Indeed, being charged with a crime could have serious consequences should you be found guilty. You might lose the respect of your friends and community, or more seriously, you could be looking at prison time. In this scenario, there are many Melbourne criminal lawyers who are well equipped to handle your case and present the best defence for you, in your time of need. Now, let’s consider the advantages of hiring a solicitor and what they can bring to you should you ever be charged with a crime.


Courtroom experience

Imagine you’ve never been in a courtroom before. Now suddenly, you’ve been charged with a serious crime and you’re expected to understand what is going on. The only problem is, you don’t understand and you’re deeply concerned for your future. This is where criminal lawyers Melbourne based can come in handy. A trusted solicitor can ensure that you are well aware of the various court proceedings and how to communicate professionally in Court. You won’t feel out of depth, which will minimize your stress during what would be an incredibly tense time.




Legal expertise

This is one of the more obvious benefits of consulting with Melbourne criminal lawyers. As a civilian, you’re not expected to know all your legal rights and responsibilities, but having a solicitor there will ensure that you are kept well-informed regarding any legal course of action. Not only that, every legal case is different, meaning how the law is applied is invariably different for each individual. Hence, convening with Melbourne criminal lawyers will ascertain that you have expert opinion by your side, while also ensuring that you are made aware of any legal changes or decisions that could affect the outcome of your case. Put simply, hiring a solicitor increases your odds of avoiding punishment or, at the very least, reducing your sentence through an early settlement or plea bargain.



What is just as frightening as a courtroom? The documents that go along with it. As a civilian, there is a good chance that all the paperwork and legal rhetoric is just down right confusing to you. However, hiring the services of Melbourne criminal lawyers can help ensure that your case runs efficiently without any hassles or issues, with all documents lodged with the Court on time and without error.


Money saver

So there is a preconception that hiring a solicitor is incredibly expensive. This is not always the case, however, since many law firms offer free consultations and flexible repayments options that suit your financial needs and limitations. Moreover, the alternative of being sent to prison is more financially damaging, since you lose earning power as long as you are behind bars.


Quicker results

Having one of the Melbourne criminal lawyers as your defence solicitor can also save you a lot of time. Solicitors can help leverage the court to have your case dealt with quickly and punctually if you so wish, meaning you won’t have to suffer through an elongated trial and outcome. Instead, you can return to your normal life and forget about the strain of the case.


Emotional support

Your solicitor should be someone who can communicate with you clearly and effectively. Melbourne criminal lawyers need to be there for not just technical expertise but emotional support and understanding. You need to be able to tell your barrister things that perhaps you can’t tell your friends or family. Hence, the services of Melbourne criminal lawyers should be complemented by a sense of emotional empathy and understanding.