fitness trends

We live in a fitness conscious world. Many apps are available to show us the top fitness tech trends available on the market.

In the wearable tech market companies like Apple with their apple watch made a considerable impact. A lot of exciting and phenomenal changes are happening in the industry with big players coming to the table with clothing as well.

Under Armour is a company that is moving into the wearable space. The future for this clothing is as expected geared to give us less friction in usage while in the sector that showcase devices will make a more seamless user experience possible. We are moving on from the clunky devices with manual activation seeing an evolution in the tech industry directed towards fitness. If you want your heart rate tracking joined into fitness clothing with incredibly smarter sensors in mobile phones, this is a heads up as it is happening sooner than we thought possible.

The fitness tech industry is starting to move into cloud-based technology and is finally catching up with this trend. Other devices are catching up with the online club as well. NEO Health is offering combined body fat scales and in-gym virtual trainer applications for testing, coaching and instruction.

Online Workout Videos

Offering digital coaching services is fantastic. You do not even need to meet the trainer. Thanks to cloud integration engaging with members and communication with them are getting more comfortable. The excellent benefit of digital coaching is that it is available at all hours of the day and night. Digital coaching is also a cheaper alternative to in-person coaching, as often-reduced rates are made possible by the coaches.

Mounting tablets in your workout area is a new method to give instructions to the members. It means that they can safely work out at their own pace and still be safe. All these instructions and workout regimes can be logged to their smartphones making use of the QR codes.

Combining video games with exercise is exciting it is called exergaming. Exergaming had gained popularity since 2007 when WiiFit mobilised their tech skills into burning calories and activity became fun. Video game fitness is a trend that is impressive in its growth into the mainstream.

Virtual reality in fitness has become a visual experience for totally immersive exercises. Imagine training on your gym mat and having the same experience as swimming through the ocean floor. Certain apps will allow you to exercise to your favourite music through pure movement. Sound boxing will integrate your pump-up music and give you a great experience.

Yoga classes and spinning courses became very popular with the live streaming of personal training sessions.

3D Body scanning is a new trend so that you can know your body composition. You will want to know your measurements and accurate percentages to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. More personalised workout and diet plans will be created using this informative tech.

When you blend technology with training, you will get the most out of your exercise experience.