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Sydney family lawyers are highly skilled legal professionals who specialise in matters relating to the familial unit. They usually manage issues related to members of the familial unit. Common problems that that may offer with include divorce, child custody, adoption, surrogacy, guardianship and grandparents’ rights. They can be involved in many other types of conflicts. Find out more below about some of the things that the best family lawyer in Sydney can help you with.

Handling your divorce

Getting divorce can be one of the most difficult things that people face, it is often an emotional time and it is complicated by the fact that many families have assets they need to divide and parenting arrangement they need to reach. When handling a divorce, the best family lawyer in Sydney can help to ensure that matters are dealt with calmly and that the correct procedures are followed. They may take the approach of mediation or they may pursue more aggressive action depending on your circumstances.

Managing your estate and Will

Your family lawyer in Sydney can help you to plan your estate and can help you to put together your will which will outline how your property and assets will be divided up and who your beneficiaries will be when you die. Your solicitor can also act as the executor of your estate and administer the details of your will if required.

Managing child custody agreements

The best family lawyer in Sydney can help you reach child custody arrangements with your ex-partner. This can be the most difficult thing to manage in a separation and couples often struggle to reach agreements about the care of their children. Having a third-party mediating and negotiating can help you to reach a practical agreement that is best for your children. Your Sydney family lawyers can also help you to formalise the agreement and make any amendments if required.

Managing your prenuptial agreements

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Your chosen solicitor can help you out with prenuptial agreements before you get married. This is basically a contract that sets out the conditions you will follow during and after the marriage – people often use it to make provisions around support and the division of assets built up before and during the marriage. Prenuptial agreements are becoming more and more coming as couples get married later in life because people often come into a marriage with many of their own assets.

They can represent you in court

The best family lawyer in Sydney may advise you in certain situations to try alternative dispute resolution methods outside of the court room but sometimes matters require a visit to the court. If you’re headed to court, then you’ll definitely want to consider getting legal advice and having someone on hand to support you in the court room.  They solicitors manage cases in the courtroom almost every single day and have the required level of knowledge and confidence to be able to help you out with complicated matters.

What to remember

There importance of getting good legal advice and guidance really cannot be overstated. Having a professional on your side can make managing complicated matters much simpler and can help ex-partners to come to agreements around what can be highly charged issues like divorce, child custody and other legal issues. They carry out a vast range of tasks and are some of the most highly sought after professionals in the legal profession. If you need one then it’s a good idea to sit down for a consult with professionals in your area to discuss the details of your case and to see whether you feel comfortable with them.