What is involved in dog training in Sydney

Dog training in Sydney is used by people to help teach their pet obedience, rules and appropriate behaviour, as well as commands and management. Pets are animals at heart, and sometimes act on their primal instincts. They thrive in an environment with no boundaries at all, but this does not go well in a civilized society with rules and regulations. As such, pets need dog training in Sydney to help teach them what is appropriate and what is not, and to domesticate them and keep their animalistic instincts in check. This type of service utilizes many methods and strategies to help teach your pets how to behave and is a good way to help them integrate into society and a home. There are many different ways to teach your pet, and these are utilized in this type of service to effectively show how a pet should behave using treats and commands, as well as ensuring they learn commands for effective management of their behaviour in day to day life.

Here is what is involved in dog training in Sydney.


Effective dog training in Sydney involves some equipment, but not too much. A few basic tools is required to teach your pet, including leashes, collars and harnesses are the necessary tools required for dog training in Sydney. These are used in conjunction with clicker training and conditioned reinforcers to help teach them the proper behaviour to have in everyday situations and in specific situations. This equipment helps to keep them managed whilst they are being taught and is essential in dog training in Sydney. Treats are also a great way to keep pets in line and reward them for their behaviour if they do well. This teaches the pet that when they act well, they are rewarded, and this is ultimately very helpful in their teaching.

Basic commands

Dog training Sydney

Dog training in Sydney involves teaching your pet basic commands, which are used for management. Commands such as sit, lay down and so on are all used to control your pet when they are getting out of control. For example, when a pet is getting too excited when it is feeding time, you can tell them to sit and/or lay down before eating to teach them manners and ensure that they are not going too crazy before eating. Basic commands are an essential part of owning a pet, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone that does not have some form of commands with their pet. Dog training in Sydney is vital to allowing the pet to live their life whilst still behaving appropriately within day to day life.

Clicker teaching

Clicker teaching is a form of dog training in Sydney uses positive reinforcement in order to teach the pet. A metal strip is placed into a plastic box which makes a clicking noise when pressed. This is used in place of saying ‘good pet’ and is much faster than doing so. When the pet makes a positive move and does something right, they are rewarded with a click. Dog training in Sydney relies on this positive reinforcement to help them to teach pets how to act and behave, and eventually the pet becomes accustomed to being rewarded for good behaviour, and it becomes the norm for them.

In summary, dog training in Sydney is necessary for a well behaved pet and one that reacts well to positive reinforcement. This is vital for their everyday behaviour, and results in a well taught pet who can behave well. Dog training in Sydney is therefore a great choice for any pet owner.