ballroom dancing


There are thousands of different opportunities for couples young and old to enjoy in the city.

Whilst time is sparse, the central business district offers men and women of all descriptions the chance to engage in sports, arts, entertainment and pure luxury.

Ballroom dancing classes in the Sydney CBD are one of those outlets that can be overlooked, particularly by the younger generations who want to tap into a pastime that is a touch more progressive.

However, there are a variety of benefits and advantages for those that do decide to sign up.


Great Environment to Socialise

Ballroom dancing classes in the Sydney CBD can vary in size and scope. From intimate settings where there is no more than 2-3 couples at any one time with an instructor to dozens of couples all interacting and learning at similar speeds, these are environments where people truly come together. Socialising can be difficult in the inner city at times, especially for those newcomers from out of town, out of state or overseas. This is a space where friendships are formed through a shared love for the activity.


Multiple Health Benefits

There are physical and mental health benefits that Ballroom dancing classes in the Sydney CBD. Firstly there is the physical component where attendees boost mobility, tone the muscles and improve on strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility. Then there is the mental health element, seeing a boost in functions for memory, focus, alertness and concentration. This is a space where couples can burn fat and improve their conditioning and endurance – all targets that can be improved on at a gym but without the fun.


Affordable Activity

When weighing up ballroom dancing classes in the Sydney CBD against other types of classes that are on offer in this region of the city, it is more than affordable. This style is considered something of a low-level beginner course where people young and old enter for a 6-10 week program that builds on movements and techniques. Where the more contemporary or niche classes involved with samba, jive and tango have a program that is geared towards a higher level of education and performance, ballroom is designed for everyone.


Shared Activity

For city-based couples who are living inside the hustle and bustle of a region that is densely populated, it can be hard to slow things down and do something that is just between the two of you. From husbands and wives to boyfriends and girlfriends or same sex couples who are looking at getting at of the house and enjoying a project together, ballroom dancing classes in the Sydney CBD are seen as a great vehicle to tick all of those boxes.


Couples Love The Fun

The final benefit for couples signing up to ballroom dancing classes in the Sydney CBD is an obvious one but a fact that must be stated nonetheless – it is pure fun. Dancing and diving around to the rhythm of the music is an activity as old as time itself. There is a scientific element in this regard as the movements and the music releases the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and serotonin, chemicals that lift the mood of anyone engaging in the fun. This will largely be reliant on how much the ballroom style will suit your tastes, but across the board this is something that many individuals from various backgrounds love.



The only way you can truly know if ballroom dancing classes in the Sydney CBD is right for you and your partner is to attend a session and see it for yourself. If you have a direct contact who has experienced these sessions before, quiz them about the process.